Signal N

Solving [Н Ꙙ Я Đ problerns] in natural language.

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Language is hard.

The progress in machine learning is amazing. With enough data, machines can now beat humans at chess, image labelling, and even driving.

Why then do systems for natural language tasks like auto-correct and machine translation fail so often and so unpredictably?

Signal N predicts fails so your application can react.

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We instantly predict when a language system has failed, so your applications can react quickly and correctly.

Think of it like a self-driving car knowing when to let a human take over, or fraud detection for natural language processing.


As the internet adds billions of users, so linguistic diversity scales. Today's platforms support hundreds of languages.

We accept the challenge. Our approaches are made to support the top 100+ languages out of the box.


You set the accuracy threshold for your application.

You can even upload your unstructured text data to get updated results within minutes.

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Interested in better machine translation?
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